IPTV for TV Operators

Our IPTV/OTT Networks are the ideal solution whether you are already operating an existing TV Network, migrating from another IPTV/OTT provider or are just entering the IPTV/OTT world. AlphaOTT’s Solutions adapt to every need with infinite scalability, making them future-proof.

IPTV Benefits

Advantages of an IPTV Network

With the increasing global internet connectivity, IPTV/OTT Networks have gained inherent advantages over older TV broadcasting solution (e.g. cable, satellite).


Reach larger audiences

On-the-go options and worldwide access increases your user target base.


High-value, low price

Using existing technologies available today, OTT networks are a value-for-money solution.


Monetization options

Choose from several different monetization methods available to you.

IPTV/OTT Platforms

Why choose IPTV/OTT

The IPTV/OTT Solutions utilize existing technologies and infrastructure, keeping costs low and maintenance easy. Our End-to-end Turnkey IPTV/OTT Solutions can help you expand your reach and attract new users through new mediums (mobile, on-the-go etc.) and increase your revenue with new monetization options available only through an IPTV/OTT Network platform. Everything you will need is set up and supported by our team of experts.

This includes:


Content Ingest

Capture video from any source



For content, user and subscription management



For fast delivery in any bitrate


Apps & STBs

For your users’ enjoyment


Why work with us

Work with AlphaOTT

Our team of experts can help you setup your dream IPTV Middleware and OTT System without any hassle. We offer assistance and support in every step of the setup, configuration and launch proccess and also provide training to your administration team. We offer you a complete IPTV solution.

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