IPTV for Maritime

Passenger and crew welfare is a big concern for all marine organizations around the globe on any ship or offshore platform. Crews often live weeks and months in the open ocean, isolating them from their colleagues, and separating them from the outside globe. The task is to maintain them morally healthy and high on board with AlphaOTT IPTV solutions.


Why choose AlphaOTT for your Maritime TV

Give your Maritime crew and guest a new TV Experience local or nationwide. With AlphaOTT’s Maritime TV Solution, you can offer a outstanding experience

Whether you are a yacht or a tanker our Maritime IPTV Solution is the best in the market.

Maritime IPTV Benefits

The best value-for-money Maritime IPTV System in the market offers many opportunities. Check them below.

  • On Premises Installation

    The ideal option for all marine organizations.

  • Live TV

    Your guests can enjoy Live TV channels.

  • VOD

    Video on Demand available.

  • Communications

    Communications with on-board employees.

  • Orders

    Digital canteen menu boards.

  • Staff Entertainment

    Keep your staff happy with games, news and more.

  • Set-Top Box

    Connect with the latest Set-Top-Box from AlphaOTT.

  • Smart TV

    Connect with Samsung, LG, TLC or other SmartTV.

  • Satellite Configuration

    Pre-set satellite configurations when changing from sat beam to sat beam.

  • Applications

    Iphone and Android apps deployed for usage in the IPTV network.