Set-Top-Box Design

Whether your already have your IPTV/OTT Network set up or just starting it, a custom Set-Top-Box can help you increase your user count, increase revenue with new sales and deliver your content in new ways.

STB Benefits

Advantages of Set-Top-Boxes

Reach the next level of IPTV/OTT service by designing and offering your own branded, custom Set-Top-Box to complete your line-up.


Increase your sales

Reach new audiences and enter the retail world of the IPTV market.

Custom Hardware

Custom Hardware

We have hardware options to fit multiple options depending on your requirements.



Your brand is reflected on the design and interface of your Set-Top-Box.

Custom Hardware

Enter the Hi-Tech Product Market

Our solutions offer custom hardware options for your Set-Top-Box with many features that we can adapt to meet your most demanding requirements. We make sure to include top-of-the-market technologies both hardware and software wise, and offer your brand’s experience to your users.

Custom Design

Let’s design your Set-Top-Box together

The looks and heart of your Set-Top-Box plays a major part in how your brand and IPTV/OTT Network is perceived. That’s why we take extra care in designing and developing STBs that retailers love to sell and users enjoy using.

Available features include:
HDMI, Wi-Fi, 4K, FullHD, DTS, Dolby

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Android Open-Source Project Set-Top-Boxes

We want your clients to experience your brand and content as a whole, so we made all our Android Open-Source Project Apps customizable in order to fit every branding and style, and provide you with the best looking, user friendly experience.

Complete your IPTV/OTT Network and line-up with your own AOSP Set-Top-Box today. Your Brand, your Set-Top-Box, your content!

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AndroidTV Set-Top-Boxes

We can develop your AndroidTV Project with you and Google. The benefits are many and we can integrate our AlphaOTT IPTV Middleware V2 with the AndroidTV Launcher and take advantage of all AndroidTV’ UI functions.

This solution is recommended for big operators that want to integrate our AlphaOTT IPTV Middleware V2 with the AndroidTV environment and features.
All AndroidTV projects need preapproval from Google.