IPTV/OTT for Residencies

AlphaOTT™ IPTV Solutions for residencies such as Apartments complex, villas and other communities. Give your tenants the interactive IPTV/OTT system they deserve with a Residential IPTV/OTT solution from AlphaOTT™. Give access to Live TV Channels and Video On Demand content.


Why choose AlphaOTT™ for your Residential IPTV/OTT

Whether you own small building complex, whole building community entity or a private estate our Residential IPTV/OTT Solution offer you the latest inovation in IPTV/OTT.

Residential IPTV/OTT Benefits

The best value-for-money Residential IPTV/OTT System in the market offers many opportunities. Check them below.

Cloud or On Premises Installation

Choose the option that fits your needs best.

Live TV

Your guests can enjoy HD and UHD channels in their room.


Video on Demand available for your guests in their room.

Residential TV

Broadcast your channel to your guests in every room.

Residential Info

Publish residential information, photos, event and more.

Set-Top Box

Connect your guest rooms with the latest Set-Top-Box from AlphaOTT™.

Smart TV

Connect your guest rooms with Samsung, LG, TLC or other SmartTV.


Connect your residencies with iOS or Android Mobile application from AlphaOTT™.

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