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Here at AlphaOTT™, we’re on a mission to help small and medium operators make the leap from traditional cable TV to IPTV and OTT. With our software and hardware solutions, you’ll be ready to bring secure, customized, television, film, and video content fit for the 21st century to your clients in no time, no matter who you are. 

Our friendly team is dedicated to helping you grow your OTT and IPTV solutions with your brand, and that is why our services include ready-made component-based IPTV solutions as well as the custom IPTV development that will truly make you stand out and immerse your clients in your mission. 

With innovative AlphaOTT™ Middleware (CMS) software, you can expect a true end-to-end solution that provides a cost-effective solution using the very latest technologies. Because we care as much about preventing fraud and piracy as content creators and operators do, AlphaOTT™’s IPTV and OTT solutions are guarded by up-to-date anti-fraud features that keep unauthorized and malicious players out. 

Our high-performance application solutions ultimately allow you to take full control, regardless of your industry — AlphaOTT™ may just be the perfect answer for your hospital, hotel, cruise ship, campus, or church. No matter who your users are, AlphaOTT™ solutions will allow them to get the benefit of your content through any platform. All browsers/application support AlphaOTT™, along with Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Smart TV, and many other platforms. 

We’ve taken the leap to tomorrow and are excited to help stream your content in new ways to boost your user count and take your revenue to the next level — are you ready to join us? 

Learn more about our solutions and work with us to bring the best entertainment options to your users. Get in touch to ask for a demo and see what we can achieve together.

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