Decodificador IPTV OTT


Ventajas de los decodificadores de IPTV

Whether you already have your IPTV OTT Box solution set up or just starting it, our IPTV STB Manufacturers can help you increase your user count, increase revenue with new sales, and deliver your content in new ways. Stream 4K with our Android TV Set-top box Quad Core IPTV streaming device OTT TV Box.

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Decodificador de TV Linux

Limitado para funciones de terceros

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Decodificador de TV AOSP

Solución (AOSP) Android Open-Source Project de bajo costo

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Decodificador de TV AndroidTV

Ventaja de la interfaz de usuario de Google y el procesador de cuatro núcleos

Decodificador AOSP

Decodificador Android OTT para Android AOSP (Open-Source Project)

We want your clients to experience Streaming box with your brand and content as a whole, so we made all our Android AOSP (Android Open Source Project) Apps customizable to fit every branding and style, and provide you with the best looking, user-friendly streaming device experience.


Decodificador con certificación AndroidTV

We can develop your AndroidTV 4K Video IPTV Boxes Project with Google. The benefits are many, and we can integrate our AlphaOTT™ IPTV Middleware with the Android TV Boxes Launcher and take advantage of all AndroidTV UI functions with Google Play and all streaming apps supporting Dolby Vision and Google assistant.

Todos los proyectos de AndroidTV necesitan la aprobación previa de Google.

Decodificadores LINUX

Decodificadores de TV Linux

Decodificador Linux para operador ISP para funciones y experiencia estáticas y básicas de Decodificadores IPTV. Personalizamos el sistema operativo del decodificador IPTV, wi fi y el control remoto.

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