AlphaOTT partners with STI Telecom
AlphaOTT partners with STI Telecom to expand its OTT / IPTV services

AlphaOTT partners with STI Telecom

AlphaOTT™, a Miami-based OTT / IPTV solutions provider, has expanded its OTT / IPTV service to include customers who are not ready to set up their own headend by launching the OTT / IPTV business. This builds on the company’s collaboration with STI Telecom, a Brazilian telecommunications company specializing in satellite communication solutions for video, audio, and data transmission.

Every potential PayTV owner must negotiate with content providers to obtain the rights and licensing of the content, as well as inform the headend for receiving the channels, which is both costly and time-consuming. Customers of AlphaOTT™s now have a fantastic opportunity to reduce costs and outsource the Headend service, thanks to the STI Telecom partner.

About the AlphaOTT™

AlphaOTT™ is an OTT / IPTV solutions provider based in Miami, Florida with a regional presence in Latin America, the Middle East and Asia. The company develops OTT / IPTV service delivery platforms that help ISPs, Telcos and Service Providers to deliver and manage interactive media content.

AlphaOTT™ provides a comprehensive set of innovative, end-to-end, modular, and scalable solutions for the OTT / IPTV business (Middleware, DRM, CDN), as well as customization (Branded Apps for Live Streaming / VOD). In addition, the company provides a wide range of third-party integration, monetization, and marketing promotion consulting services.

“This is a win-win situation for all parties. STI Telecom assists AlphaOTT™ customers in launching their PayTV projects based on streaming, lowering the CAPEX cost for operators in constructing an expensive Headend structure and outsourcing the Headend service through STI Telecom.

AlphaOTT™ is already pleased to provide a wide range of innovative, end-to-end solutions for the OTT / IPTV business, and we aim to provide our customers with limitless business opportunities.

Our strategy is to grow alongside our customers, collaborating with them to create new products and services that meet their changing business requirements. That is why we are thrilled to be signing an agreement with such a reputable company that shares our values,” said Nick Ntigritakis, CEO of AlphaOTT™.

About STI Telecom

Telecommunications firm specializing in video, audio, and data transmission satellite communication solutions. Since its inception in the broadcast market in 2005, STI Telecom has provided innovative and customized solutions to meet a wide range of needs. We provide turn-around services in our Teleport in downtown Rio de Janeiro, with antennas for transmission and reception of the main satellites with coverage in Brazil, the Americas, and Europe.

“Alpha OTT and STI Telecom are collaborating to bring a new market solution to the market. STI Telecom, which has been consolidated in the broadcast market for 16 years and has a large headend infrastructure, has joined forces with AlphaOTT™, a reference in the OTT / IPTV software market, to develop an innovative and complete Turn-Key solution for customers looking for content distribution across multiple platforms. This collaboration aims to broaden horizons by distributing content across America in a qualified and specialized manner.” – Representatives from STI Telecom.

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