nPVR. How it works.
nPVR technology

nPVR. How it works.

In the digital age, people have more access to streaming video than they could possibly watch in a lifetime. So, viewers have more and more expectations in quality of experience. When it comes to Live to VOD content, nPVR feature can assist you in meeting these expectations. Let’s overview, how it works.

What is exactly nPVR?

Network Personal Video Recorder is a modified version of PVR (Personal Video Recorder). A device that is controlled by the user and records, saves, and plays back video content. nPVR is commonly characterized as the storage of content on the service provider’s servers (in the cloud) rather than on the consumer’s set-top-boxes (STB). 

So, yes, a network version of PVR, records programs on demand and keeps them for the long term in network-based storage.

nPVR Specifics

  • nPVR is an excellent tool for attracting customers and increasing loyalty. You provide them with the best opportunity to watch their favorite programs and episodes whenever and wherever they want. Consider how grateful a person can be if he or she is able to see a football match that they were unable to watch live. This is a fantastic opportunity to provide your customers with a content package for their leisure. Furthermore, remember the golden rule: the more people who use your service, the more content they watch.
  • It is critical to consider the storage limit while building and deploying a nPVR service. Of course, predicting how much storage the subscriber base will use for nPVR is difficult. Setting a storage limit is one of the methods of controlling the expectations of your customers.
  • Users can pause and rewind live TV and do that absolutely free because it’s merely a question of locating the correct spot in the buffer and playing from there. PVR feature that allows users to store programs for an extended period of time simply entails designating certain programs to keep as long as any user is interested in them.

Legal Question

The use of content via a nPVR in most circumstances necessitates an agreement between the content provider and the content owner. And it’s no wonder. Content owners want to increase their revenues by providing unique content. The more this content is watched, the more revenue they get. From the nPVR point of view, content owners can’t control the record of their content. So, both parties need an agreement, that can regulate the “number of storage hours” or “‘storage duration”. It should pay attention to this question.


Offering a nPVR option helps pay-TV providers in increasing customer loyalty. If a user is satisfied with the performance of a nPVR service, they are less likely to switch to a rival and learn a completely new interface. An nPVR service, when combined with a recommendation engine, is also a fantastic incentive for customers to consume more TV programming. 

If you want to implement nPVR feature, let us know and we’ve got you covered!

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