AlphaOTT IPTV Middleware & IPTV OTT Player Applications

System Integrator
for IPTV/OTT Solutions

IPTV Systems and OTT Solutions using the latest high-performance technologies with AlphaOTT Middleware. AlphaOTT provides full End-to-End IPTV solutions for all your IPTV and Over-the-Top TV needs using the latest high-performance technologies available on the market.

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Our AlphaOTT Solutions

We offer a wide range of IPTV/OTT solutions and sytem integrations.

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Subscribers Handled


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AlphaOTT IPTV/OTT Middleware

All your needs in one IPTV Middleware

Your all-in-one place to manage IPTV content, customers, billing and more. Add, edit and manage your IPTV content to be available to your users. Customize your customer subscriptions, packages, services and more. Get statistics and reports on several aspects of your IPTV/OTT Network as well as analytics on server usage and live monitoring on performance and more. And with the Client Portal, your clients can handle their subscriptions in all their devices.

Installation options for

AlphaOTT IPTV/OTT Middleware System


Cloud OpEx Installation

Fully redudant installation in our Data Center.

Content Management

Cloud CapEx Installation

Installation in AWS, Azure or Google Cloud.


On Premises Installation

Installation in your own location or locations.

IPTV/OTT Features

The IPTV Middleware core engine is built with the latest technologies and techniques, that make it flexible to customize and connect all your clients and back-office needs.

  • Solutions

    IPTV Middleware

    Your one-stop all-in-one place to manage your IPTV/OTT Platform.

  • Content Management

    DRM Support

    Support for AlphaOTT DRM, Verimatrix, Widewine, FairPlay and PlayReady.

  • Users

    Multiscreen Apps

    Custom Apps available for smartphones, tablets, PCs, SmartTVs and STBs.