AlphaOTT™ CORE™ IPTV Middleware & AlphaOTT™ FRONT™ IPTV OTT Player Apps

Launch your own OTT IPTV platform, like

Carrier GRade IPTV Solution • App Personalization • Over 16 platforms supported

Reach your audience through AlphaOTT™ Core IPTV Middleware (CMS) and AlphaOTT™ Mediaserver IPTV Software. We deliver managed or on-premise true end-to-end OTT solutions tailored to your business, based on our modular and scalable architecture.
*Available only for businesses and corporations.
Launch your own OTT IPTV platform, like

Carrier GRade IPTV Solution
Over 16 platforms supported
Customisable Apps

*Available only for businesses and corporations.
over 16 Application iptv Supported

Your Branded OTT Application

We design intuitive, easy to use UI interfaces for your brand and deploy them to over 16 platforms for your TV Delivery. For IPTV Products and OTT Distributions.

White label OTT application for all platforms including Smart TVs, STB, Mobile and Gaming consoles. Contact us for your IPTV OTT Project.

Monetization options

Engage and Monetise OTT!

Enable revenue streams with AlphaOTT™ Core IPTV Middleware.

Subscription plans

Create subscription plans for subscriber to watch your content inside your application. Supporting add-on/extension plans, pay-per-view


Sell your video content from inside your application with direct In-App billing with Apple, Google and Amazon

Customised ADS

Target your audience across your applications with promotions, banners, video/in-stream ads and playlist advertisement features.


AlphaOTT™ CORE™ 2.0 OTT IPTV Middleware (CMS) Software

Your all-in-one-place software to manage Subscribers, Content, Orders, and Products in your IPTV/OTT Service. Full management of your customers, subscriptions, packages, services, and much more. Get statistics and reports on several aspects of your IPTV/OTT Network along with comprehensive analytics on server usage and live performance monitoring.
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One-stop Management (CMS)

Manage Subscriber, Content, Order, and Product

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In-App Billing, API Billing

In-App Billing, API OSS/BSS, and Prepaid Voucher

Combine CORE™ with our full product suite!


AlphaOTT™ for every Industry

IPTV Systems and OTT IPTV Solutions using the latest high-performance technologies with AlphaOTT™ Core ™ Middleware (CMS) software. True end-to-end solutions from ingest to distribution with support for all television services.
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