Secure content access using the latest anti-fraud technologies

AlphaOTT™ SECURE™ offers a complete Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Anti-Fraud solution to secure your content. Our Anti-Fraud measures and DRM solutions are being used by the leading studios.

Advanced Technology

Multiple level end-to-end security

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Modular Security Options

Choose from a range of security options to suit your needs

Content Filtering

Easily manage filtering criteria

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Vast DRM Support

DRM support for all apps

AlphaOTT™ SECURE™ Features

Secure content access using latest technology in anti fraud measures with multiple level e2e security.

GeoFence & VPN Fence

Content Geo Restrictions, VPN Detection

Parental Controls

Block any piece of TV content

Device & Streaming Limits

Control Stream and User access


DRM Solution to protect your content

Preventing unauthorized use and piracy is a key requirement from the majority of content owners. AlphaOTT™ SECURE™ IPTV Middleware software offers has integration for Digital Rights Management (DRM) with Android Widevine, Apple FairPlay, Microsoft PlayReady, BuyDRM, EzDRM, and Verimatrix

IPTV Security is important!

The AlphaOTT™ SECURE™ IPTV Middleware software, secures operators from security breaches, unauthorised access and stream theft.

VPN Shield and Geo Shield

Block unauthorized subscribers to access application and streams.

Stream Limit for Content Protection

Limit the access of video streaming and concurrent views.


Detect unauthorized subscribers with cloned mac, api, and token etc.

DRM Digital Rights Management

Protect your stream with Widevine, Fairplay and PlayReady IPTV DRM Solution.

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