IPTV/OTT for Church

The benefits of using IPTV/OTT in Chruches have lately been explored by many religious institutions. The IPTV/OTT technology is now used as a teaching gateway for believers as well as ministers and is named Church TV.


Why choose AlphaOTT™ for your Church

IPTV technique is used for television teaching on campus. Teachers use HD video Recording. It then streams and sends these instructional material to AlphaOTT™ IPTVs. These contents are displayed for learners by campus TV applications. Depending on the accessibility of the content, they may choose to display them live, or as VOD.

With AlphaOTT™’s Campus IPTV/OTT Solution, you can offer HD and UHD video with ease.

Church IPTV/OTT Benefits

The best value-for-money Church TV System in the market offers many opportunities. Check them below.

Cloud or On Premises Installation

Choose the option that fits your needs best.

Live TV

Your attendees can enjoy HD and UHD channels.


Video on Demand available for your users.

Church TV

Broadcast your channel to your local or nationwide entities.

Church Info

Publish Church information, photos, event and more.

Set-Top Box

Connect your local or nationwide entities with the latest Set-Top-Box from AlphaOTT™.

Smart TV

Connect your local or nationwide entities with Samsung, LG, TLC or other SmartTV.


Connect our AlphaOTT™ API to your PMS system and your rooms.

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