CDN, Content Delivery Network

Our blazing fast CDN solutions provide unlimited scalability with Cloud and Local solutions.

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Worldwide Reach

Reach your audience anywhere


99.999% uptime


Scalability & Intelligent routing


Real-time control of event driven content

Blazing Fast CDN

Never wait for buffering

Using our CDN Services, your users will never experience the dreaded buffering icon wherever they may be.

Global Search

Reliable content delivery worldwide using Tier 1 networks

Smart Delivery

Intelligent routing enabling fast content delivery


Safe and private delivery of your content

AlphaOTT™ CDN Features

Secure CDN for Multimedia

Poor online media viewing experiences can negatively impact your brand and lead to potential losses in ads and subscription revenues. Our CDN makes sure this never happens to you.

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High Performance CDN

Speed matters and our CDN will have your users enjoying your content instantly.

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Worldwide Locations

Our vast network spans the whole world and covers every possible location.

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Private and Secure

Every connection is routed and with safety with SSL encryption security.

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Live Analytics

Monitor your CDN’s usage and performance live with real-time analytics.

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Unlimited Scalability

More users? No problem. Our CDN is capable of handling any size of traffic.

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24/7 Support

Our team of experts is here to help you anytime.

WHy Choose Us

The AlphaOTT™ CDN

AlphaOTT™ CDN includes an extended network of servers throughout the world, with the sole purpose of serving your content to your userbase as fast as possible irrespective of location.

Our network allows you to scale at your pace always prepared to handle even the most demanding IPTV/OTT services. Choosing us, your content will always reach your userbase at top speed.

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