Encode and transcode Live TV Channels in real-time and provide high quality streams to your users. Enjoy high-definition Audio and Video with our fully featured, plug & play and easy to use encoders & transcoders.

Encoder & Transcoder Features

Fast Encoding and Transcoding for Live TV

Get an encoding and transcoding solution from AlphaOTT for a high performance, flexible and easy to use Live TV broadcasting solution.


Flexible & Adaptable

Support for multiple variable bitrates and resolutions.


4Κ Support

Up to 4K high quality streams for amazing Live TV broadcasting.


Web User Interface

Manage your encoder/transcoder easily via a web interface.

AlphaOTT Transcoder

Server 2U Transcoder Options

The AlphaOTT transcoder supports RTMP, RTSP, and MPEG2-TS, HLS protocols (over HTTP and UDP). For hardware-accelerated transcoding, AlphaOTT can use Intel and Nvidia solutions.

AlphaOTT Encoder

16 Channels HDMI or SDI Input Encoder

The AlphaOTT Encoders are professional High-Definition Audio and Video Encoder with 16-channel HDMI or SDI, HD or SD inputs ready to perform all of your tedious encoding tasks!

Download our products’ datasheets:
ALP-16H264 16 Channel SDI (pdf)
ALP-16H265 16 Channel SDI (pdf)
ALP-16H2 16 Channel HDMI (pdf)