What Platforms Do We Work On?
Platforms provided by AlphaOTT

What Platforms Do We Work On?

Broadcast solutions and hardware know-hows for streaming devices are expanding the audience for OTT platforms. Omni-platform application is a must-have for any OTT business. It helps to reach more relevant users and as a result to increase profit. The more alternatives you provide, the more loyalty and advantages you may bring to your company. What platforms can provide AlphaOTT™?

One of the primary goals for any IPTV / OTT business is to provide a really seamless media experience to the users. As more and more devices supporting OTT content are released into the market, content distributors have to consider how new devices can be optimized for streaming OTT content.

But building the same OTT app for various platforms is not only complicated, but it also adds to the continuous maintenance load. Excessive cross-platform ambition may trap your developers in a never-ending cycle of maintaining the app on each particular device, diverting their attention away from fresh feature development and product development. Compromises must, of course, be made in terms of which platforms to support.

Amplíe su alcance a múltiples dispositivos

AlphaOTT™ offers customized white label OTT applications for all platforms including Smart TV, STB, Mobile, and Gaming Consoles. It’s so simple to deliver content on any screen or language through Alpha OTT Front ™.

What advantages has AlphaOTT™?

  • 16+ platforms supported. It means consistent experience on any device;
  • User-Centered Design with an intuitive AI-powered interface and flexible customization;
  • 100% Publishing Success. Yes, we guarantee a smooth publishing process;
  • Rapid App Launch. You will reach your audience without any delays.

Player OTT para todos los dispositivos

En movimiento en su teléfono inteligente

Enjoy Live TV, VOD, and all our features on the go with your branded dedicated IPTV Player apps. Deliver all your IPTV content anywhere, anytime on any iOS or Android Smartphone. Available for iPhone y Smartphones Android.

Televisión en tu tableta

Your on-the-go branded IPTV application does not stop at Smartphones. Turn any iPad or Android Tablet into a portable TV with our custom AlphaOTT™™ IPTV Player Application and deliver your IPTV content anywhere today with our OTT-player. OTT Player Chromecast Support.


Para su computadora portátil o de escritorio

Every user with a desktop or laptop computer and internet access will be able to enjoy your branded IPTV Web app through their favorite modern Web Browser!Available for all modern Navegadores web modernos para Windows, Mac OS X y Linux.


Directamente a tu Smart TV

Support even more users straight on their Smart TVs, with branded OTT Player apps available for modern Smart-TV enabled TVs! Deliver your IPTV content straight to your users’ home TVs, support OTT Player LG WebOS TV for LG TV IPTV! Available for Android TV Smart TVs, LG Smart TVs, and Televisores inteligentes Samsung.


On the best Set-Top Boxes

Set-top boxes are a staple in TV entertainment and support branded OTT Player apps! Reach new IPTV ecosystems with access to the top Set-top-boxes in the market. Available for Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV y decodificadores personalizados.


Aplicación de Android totalmente personalizable

With AOSP (Android Open-Source Project), we can provide a fully customizable solution to fit every branding and style, and provide you with the best looking, user-friendly experience. Available for Dispositivos compatibles con Android Open Source Project.

La experiencia de su marca

We can wrap our Apps with your styling and branding to provide a seamless experience to your users. Your Brand, your experience straight to your users’ favorite devices. Give your users a fantastic experience across multiple platforms, providing AlphaOTT™ solutions!

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