IPTV for Hospitals

Give your Hospital the interactive TV system it deserves with a Hospital IPTV solution from AlphaOTT. Old and pricey cable or satellite solutions are a thing of the past with the rise of SmartTV’s, Set-Top-Boxes and fast IPTV Networks, so now is the time to move to a better and affordable solution!

AlphaOTT Hospital Hospitality IPTV Solution

AlphaOTT is not associated in any way with NewYork-Presbyterian Hospitals. Displayed Demonstration Purposes.

Hospital IPTV Solution

Why choose IPTV for your Hospital

Give your patient a new TV Experience on your premises. With AlphaOTT’s Hospital IPTV Solution, you can offer HD and UHD Live TV Channels and Movies!

Whether you own private clinic or a whole hospital chain, our Hospital IPTV/OTT Solution is a must-have to provide the best TV entertainment options to your patients.

Our on premises installation include 1U AlphaOTT Server, 3U AlphaOTT Transcoder, STB or 32-55 inch SmartTV.

OTT Hospital Guide

Hospital IPTV Benefits

The best value-for-money Hospital TV System in the market offers many opportunities. Check them below.

  • Cloud or On Premises Installation

    Choose the option that fits your needs best.

  • Live TV

    Your patients can enjoy HD channels in their room.

  • VOD

    Video on Demand available for your patients in their room.

  • Hospital TV

    Broadcast your channel to your patients in every room.

  • Hospital Info

    Publish hospital information, photos, event and more.

  • Room Service

    Patients and guests can order food, order services, checkout and more.

  • Set-Top Box

    Connect your patient rooms with the latest Set-Top-Box from AlphaOTT.

  • Smart TV

    Use your SmartTVs in the patient rooms with our AlphaOTT solution.

  • API to PMS

    Connect our AlphaOTT API to your CRM system and your rooms.