Branded Apps with In-App Purchase
Branded Apps with In-App Purchase

Branded Apps with In-App Purchase

SVOD is considered the most popular monetization model for OTT businesses. So, OTT has never been restricted to TV screens only. Viewers want to consume their video content on all the devices that they have. The question of payment method is more essential than it seems to be. It is not only about technical possibility, but about maintaining a low churn rate, increasing revenue, and reaching loyal customers.

In-App Purchase for OTT services, released by AlphaOTT™ recently, can help to achieve all the goals above. So, the scenario looks like this: your app collects your customer’s email address and some billing data from an in-app purchase that has been used before. Mobile payment service allows your users to make a regular in-app subscription payment, which creates a good chance of potential revenue.


In-App Purchase simplifies the customer journey. No need to enter all the data again and again. If your customer wants to use your application, be sure, he has gotten used to using in-app payment and doesn’t want to change his habits.

There is one more reason to implement In-App Purchase if you wish to have an application on Apple devices. It’s impossible to use another payment system in AppStore. You can’t redirect your users to other third-party websites. You can’t even mention that another payment method exists.

And the last one: no alternative to your service – this is another golden rule that you should follow. There are many OTT services on the market, so don’t let your users use any other web pages or apps for payment. Make your app the most comfortable place not only for watching, but also for paying.

Make it easier for customers to use your app and AlphaOTT™ has got you covered! Would you like to explore more details? Contact us / +1 (302) 502-0096 

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