DRM. Content Protection In Action

DRM. Content Protection In Action

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Digital Rights Management market is growing rapidly in the coming years, and it is no wonder. Security concerns are increasing e OTT services that want to have licensed content and its security, choose the DRM as an essential tool. How it works, how to avoid pitfalls, and why it is important to choose the right partner, read below.


Most digital content is protected by copyright law because content owners strive to secure their content against unauthorized access and usage. If a content provider wants to deliver it to the audience, it should have special permission called a license. DRM helps to get it properly and provides security for streaming video from illegal actions.

So, Digital Rights Management refers to a technology that inhibits a particular use of digital media where that use is not desired or intended. Content providers that use Digital Rights Management, can distribute their premium content to a wide range of client applications in an absolutely transparent way.


DRM system uses encryption to protect the content from unauthorized access and any actions like viewing, saving, copying, etc. Encryption service will encrypt the content with a key and the content gets its own ID. On the client side, the encrypted content is first received with information about the DRM and encryption techniques being used. Then client devices will use this information to request decryption keys from the DRM for a specific content ID.

So, as a result, a content provider needs to get a license and only after that users can have the content decrypted and it will be ready to consume.

Moreover, every platform has its own DRM requirements and if your OTT service would like to deliver content on all three major platforms, such as Android, Apple, and Microsoft, you would need to use all three DRM technologies in your ecosystem: Widevine for Android, FairPlay for Apple, and PlayReady for Microsoft.

They should be bundled with all the needed client applications and the most essential part of your service – with your Middleware. A very important point is that everything should happen seamlessly. Only proper integration with DRM technologies can ensure the correct work of your applications and security as well.

So, you need a reliable partner who has good experience with DRM integrations. AlphaOTT™ has proven experience with successful integration options to suit your needs. We provide support for multiple file formats and support DRM encryption for live and on-demand videos.


DRM system is one of the most essential parts of your content security solution, but not the only one from security breaches, unauthorized access and stream theft. AlphaOTT™ Secure package provides the following options:

  • VPN Shield. To protect your content from unauthorized viewers and with a trustworthy connection, the subscriber can view channels between your devices securely;
  • Geo Shield. To protect your content from access from other designated regions.
  • AntiThief feature detects unauthorized subscribers with cloned mac, API, and token etc.;
  • Device & Streaming Limits. To control stream and user access;
  • Parental control. To block any piece of TV content (it’s impossible to imagine the modern world without this feature).

Interested in DRM and other security products by AlphaOTT™?

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