How to Start an OTT Platform?
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How to Start an OTT Platform?

So if you create content and you have thought of streaming them online then you need an OTT Platform. Anyone can start an OTT Business with a little knowledge about content and with a little help from experts. There are few steps which you can follow to start your own OTT business:

Step 1: Choose Your Business Model
OTT services are of two types, Subscription, and Transactional. In the Subscription model consumer gets access to an entire video library by giving a small fee on a recording basis. Whereas in the Transactional model fee is charged on the basis of per-view of video or video package. So you have to carefully choose a business model for your type of content.

Step 2: Create Your Video Website
After you choose your business model it’s time to create the first part of your OTT service: your Video Website. Having a website increases the trust of customers and if your OTT app is not working users can access the website. You should get your website designed and branded this will give u a high position on search lists for potential customers.

Step 3: Create a Right OTT App for your Audience
You should choose the right app so that they can be used on every device like Smart TV, Tablets, Smartphone, Desktop, etc. You have to make your decision based on your product and how your users are going to access them.

Step 4: Find Your Audience
It is the most important step that how you market your OTT service. You should have knowledge about what people want to see and which content is of interest. After that make strategies: use social media, build a mailing list, leverage Youtube, etc.

After all of these steps, your OTT business is ready to hit the floor.

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