IPTV OTT – Modern Customizable Media Service Content Management Technology

IPTV OTT – Modern Customizable Media Service Content Management Technology

It is time to take the technological leap by installing and launching IPTV middleware and IPTV OTT player applications. One can now launch their project with real end-to-end OTT. Even launch your customizable IPTV website with the technologically superior OTT Apps.

Anyone can launch their project and have their own OTT/IPTV platform and give quality media streaming services like the established media channels ESPN, NETFLIX, DISNEY+, PRIME VIDEO, HULU, etc.

The advantages of having branded IPTV/OTT Applications are numerous:

  • One can customize their Apps and website with their brand and launch over 11 popular platforms which can include mobile devices. Every organization or corporation can have a highly customized content streaming service.
  • IPTV Ott System design provides customizable Over-the-Top (OTT) solutions using the most advanced streaming technologies with OTT Middleware or Central Monitoring System (CMS). The solutions support all types of television and streaming services.

The following sectors and institutions can e from the modern Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) platform. The individual institutional system can be integrated with IPTV systems. The institutions that can benefit are ISPs, Hospitality industry, Hospitals, Corporations, Maritime agencies, College campuses, etc.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

IPTV supports live TV channels benefitting Internet Service providers (ISPs). The ISPs do not have to make massive investments or change their services, OTT IPTV ISP solutions always work with or around existing infrastructure and technologies. The ISPs can open up new streams of revenue with the end-to-end IPTV system solutions by expanding their customer reach and even attracting first time users through the currently popular streaming platform mediums like Mobile, STB and SmartTV devices. The platform provides for optimum monetization options through the OTT systems. The experts would set up and support high-quality ISP streaming using an Internet Protocol Television system. The setup would include:

Media content Ingest: One can by installing the IPTV system, capture and stream video and other popular media content from any source and direct it to the media server. The provider can stream curated media content.

IPTV Content Server: The server is so designed that it can capture, store and deliver high- quality video or other popular content directly to the ISP customers. The added advantage is the security feature it provides with end-to-end encryption and transcodes for any Live TV streaming or even Video On Demand (VOD) service.

IPTV Middleware: Other than providing the latest technology for Internet Protocol Television service, the ISPs can take advantage of their intuitive Subscription and subscriber management software.

Provide Set-top-Boxes (STB) and Apps: The ISPs can also provide value-added services which could be customized Apps and STBs that would be compatible with their customer’s SmartTV’s.

Corporate and Institutional IPTV Systems

Every corporation big or small can give their clients and employees a customized Streaming TV experience on-premises with IPTV/OTT solutions. Stream video and content in High Definition (HD, or Ultra High Definition (UHD) for the best viewing experience with the App and platform.

The benefits of OTT/IPTV systems are many:

On-Premises or Cloud-based Services: The corporation has the option of installing the IPTV system on premises which can be managed by their in-house trained technicians, or cab opt for Cloud services where all the high definition video and content is stored in encrypted servers.

Enjoy Video on Demand Services: The corporation’s clients and employees can have access to high-quality VOD on-premises with IPTV systems installed.

Manage Media content: The corporation has the advantage of managing content for its clients and employee. They can choose the quality and streaming schedule with the installation of the technological advanced OTT/ IPTV systems.

Manage Clients: Other than providing a high- quality media streaming platform, the corporations can manage their clients with the OTT Middleware.

Manage client portal and subscription: The corporations can with the OTTplayer Middleware software manage their employees and clients’ media subscription. They can even charge their high-value clients by providing special login access and demand payment for all the content.

IPTV for the Hospitality industry

It is time for the hospitality industry to leave behind the old, unreliable, low definition cable and satellite media streaming services. Hotels and resorts require modern high-definition infrastructure with interactive TV and media system provided by the technologically advanced Hotel IPTV solutions. The popularity of SmartTVs and STBs demand the use of high-speed, high -definition IPTV networks. The Hospitality industry has an opportunity to provide top-notch video and media streaming services at an affordable cost with OTT systems and IPTV Middleware to manage content. IPTV systems provide a smart solution to all hotels and resort media streaming services. With the Hotel IPTV solution, they can now offer High Definition and UHD Live channels along with their curated catalog of movies for their guests. The private streaming system works with both small apartment operations or a complete full-fledged hotel chain.  The other benefits to the hospitality industry are:

Value for investment: one-time investment into IPTV system and OTT Middleware installation can provide many advantages. Hotel IPTV installation provides the best value of money compared to the traditional cable and satellite media streaming service cost.

Hotel on-premise or cloud Installation: Like the other media streaming service, the hospitality industry has the option of storing and streaming their video and media content from on-premise systems or can store their complete media catalog on Cloud and stream it as and when required.

Hotels LiveTV streaming features: The hotels and resorts can offer their esteemed clients live streaming option with IPTV/OTT installation. The hotel can also take advantage of the IPTV middleware software to control the live streaming content. The hotel has the option of streaming curated content to individual guest rooms and restaurants. They can broadcast popular media or any promotional content directly into their clients’ TV.

Hotels Information management, Marketing, and Publicity:With the installation and services of Hotel IPTV/OTT systems the company can get any relevant industry-specific information directly to its target audience. They can use their custom-designed IPTV system and Middleware to target their core customers directly. They have control over marketing and publicity content that can be streamed directly to their clients.

Enhancement of other Hotel services: Other than providing media and entertainment services for the hotel guests, designed and personalized IPTV/OTT systems can give a great guest experience. The hotel can advertise its food and beverage options through a highly customizable system and allow guests to order food and other services through intuitive software.

The flexibility of connected Smart devices:The IPTV/OTT systems are compatible with all the popular SmartTV devices. Those can be connected with a Samsung, LG SmartTV, or any other popular makes of electronic streaming devices. The on-premises Hotel IPTV system includes 1U OTT Server, 3U OTT Transcoder or Set Top Box connected with 32- 55-inch SmartTV device for the complete hospitability experience.

IPTV/OTT Middleware or Content Management System (CMS)

The best feature of the technologically superior IPTV system is the provision of Middleware software or CMS.

The unique features offered by the OTT Middleware software are:

Single platform content management system:The providers use the IPTV Middleware manage subscribers and subscriptions, content, order new media content and present it to their clients and employees on a single platform. No more managing cable connections and satellite broadcasts, when all the media content can be managed by the unique content management system provided by the IPTV system.

Complete content management: Content management takes care of all kinds of media content. The users can offer LiveTV content or Video on Demand (VOD) for their clients and employees. They can offer an entertainment series or even Radio programming through the modern system. To keep up with the times the IPTV system also offers specific Media server content Apps.

Intuitive Subscription and subscriber management system:No more depending on third-party software to manage subscribers. The IPTV Middleware software provides the best interface to manage any number of new subscribers. It can also keep track of and manage multiple subscriptions of clients and employees consuming media or entertainment content. When it involves subscriptions, the software provides real-time data.

Monetization Feature: The option for monetizing content may be the best feature of all the options offered by Middleware software. The provider has the option of in-App billing of the content consumed by their subscribers. They can also add and bill new subscriptions as and when they become available on the platform. Other than the subscriptions, the monetization feature also takes care of the marketing and advertising aspects of the video and media streaming platform.

Billing options: The monetization option would be useless without an optimized and reliable billing system. The IPTV middleware offers a great feature of In-App billing. It also offers promotional schemes with Prepaid Vouchers and other promotional materials. It provides API for both Operational Support Systems (OSS) and Business Support Systems (BSS) which are important in related telecommunications networks. The billing method maintains a distinction between the OSS/BSS by emphasizing the distinct functions between maintaining a client network operation and a business network operation that works around the network operations.

Provides Real-Time Statistics: Any media of entertainment provide require a lot of data to keep track of and access their client’s media content demands. The IPTV/OTT middleware provides real-time data and statistics regarding the consumption and demand for video, and entertainment media content. The large amount of data collected by the platform would help the provider improve its services or tweak their existing streaming content. The system through their intuitive software provides custom reports which indicate the real-time data and statistics.

Provides comprehensive EPG: The middleware software provides the option for the excellent Electronic Program Guide (EPG). The Application which is mainly used with STBs and other SmartTV devices provides a list of Current and scheduled entertainment and other media content that would be available on the platform, through individual channels. The software also gives the option to the media provider to provide a summary of the future programs that would be available on the IPTV platform. The days of printed TV guides are over, and the IPTV platform provides a comprehensive schedule of all the media content that is scheduled to play right on the platform.

Provides pre-Recording TV feature: Not every media or entertainment content can be consumed live. The IPTV Middleware software provides a great option of pre-recording LiveTV from multiple channels and can store the content up to 120 days on the platform using the innovative software interface. This option replaces the other analog and digital devices or STB used for recording LiveTV or sporting events. The Middleware Software can pre-record media content from multiple channels for later viewing.

Critical IPTV DRM solutions: The platform provides for industry-standard DRM solutions through Verimatrix, PlayReady and other solutions like Fairplay. The DRM feature gives the provider critical rights over the streaming content.

IPTV security feature: The security features provided by Middleware are the best in the industry with Anti-Clone and Anti-Theft features. It also provides for secure Virtual Private Network Shield. The VPN shield deployment is important for any content through the internet. It serves as a strong security barrier when the media is consumed through insecure internet pathways connected to both clients and regional office hubs.

Data Software Solutions through Middleware:The OTT software solution depends on third party cans gives the operators complete control over their data and media content. They do not have to depend on third-party cable operators or satellite services to manage their content. The content management system runs independently of contractors and uses real-time data to manage media and entertainment content. IPTV product and Order Management feature: The service provider has complete control over the media product they would stream to their clients and employees. They can collect enough data in real-time to place an order for the in-demand content preferred by their core users. They have the independence to offer a wide variety of content which may have both entertainment value and even give them the publicity edge. They can import and export function as per the demand on their virtual private network running IPTV/OTT systems.

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