Is Your UI Really Trendy? Review UI Designs
UI trends and review of AlphaOTT UI designs

Is Your UI Really Trendy? Review UI Designs

UI design means the first impression and you never get a second chance to make it again. Users visit hundreds of OTT services every day, so you have to show creativity and functionality to attract their attention. We follow all the latest trends and suggest reviewing what UI designs for OTT / IPTV services can be offered by AlphaOTT™.

UI Trends 2021

First of all, let’s define what trends in UI design should be followed this year.

  • Minimalism. Simple graphic elements, a limited number of colors, clear proportions, and compositions are the main rules that allow users to overload.
  • Dark mode. Yes, the trend is still hot and the best proof is that major brands like Apple, Android, Instagram, and Telegram continue to use dark schemes in their applications.
  • Glassmorphism is the latest trend in user interfaces. It creates a sense of transparency by imitating a virtual glass and the resulting background blur effect. It also creates a feeling of floating objects.
  • Sophisticated typography. It’s a very critical point for the product, service or application, to choose the right font. Remember, customers often associate a particular font with brands.
  • Mobile-first approach. This is a significant trend. Mobile phones are everywhere, mobile applications are used for any service. So, your UI design should look good not only on the desktop. Moreover, it’s a great way to improve your user interaction.

AlphaOTT™ UI designs

Simple UI

Simple UI’s primary design focus is easy navigation with simple buttons and UX patterns. It’s a straightforward design with focus on playlists. As such, it is the best option if your audience consists of not technologically advanced users.

Modern UI

Modern UI is the second iteration of our UI design and development. It is based on the best UI trends and UX patterns mainly from Google Leanback TV Guidelines Framework. It features so-called millennium-style navigation and fits average TV users.

Future UI

Future UI is the latest user interface that was designed and developed by AlphaOTT™. It includes all the new UI and UX guidelines and patterns and is in keeping with the trends of streaming entertainment. Moreover, by choosing this UI design, you can also get new and more useful features:

  •  Restart live TV: a user can stop the live TV stream and start watching the current TV program from the beginning;
  •  Standardized EPG: The new and improved TV guide allows for easy and streamlined exploration of the available programs on Live TV channels;
  •  Multi-Screen options: seamless streaming of up to four streams simultaneously (available on specific platforms);
  •  Ability to record the programs, and also future ones; 
  •  Notifications. A user can set up notifications and he will get a reminder when their favorite program is live.

Tell us about your project and we’ll help you to choose the best design of your OTT / IPTV service! +1 (302) 502-0096 

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