5 Steps To Launch Your Own OTT Service
5 Steps To Launch Your Own OTT Service

5 Steps To Launch Your Own OTT Service

OTT streaming and video delivery on the internet is increasing day by day.  Examples of OTT services are Netflix, Amazon and Hulu.  If you are reading this article, you probably have already read many more sources and searched for more information about OTT technology, and you have come to realize how much benefit it can bring to you or your company. So, it’s time to launch your own OTT service!

“OTT is a real trend. Yes, this service can satisfy the different interests and needs of modern consumers and investors. The OTT platform is emerging rapidly, bringing considerable changes by creating a huge impact on the world of TV. Watchers find paying for web-based features helpful and reasonable as they acquire accommodation and power over the shows and films they love to watch.” – said Nick Ntigrintakis, CEO of AlphaOTT™.

So, if you have already decided on your niche and wish to create an extraordinary user experience for your audience, here are five steps to launch your own branded OTT platform.

Step 1.  Choose your Business Model

Deciding on your business model is a basic and essential part of OTT video monetization. OTT services work in two different business models: transactional and subscription. In a transactional model, you create a product and sell it for a one-off price as normal retail or information products would sell. 

In a subscription model (like Netflix), customers pay an affordable monthly fee for access to your OTT service (your library of content).  Deciding which model is best for you is a very important step, as it will play a big role in determining the success or failure of your real-time feature and streaming service.

Step 2.  Design your Video Website

This is the most important way to build a relationship with your audience.  You never get a second chance to make a first impression!  Your website needs to be perfectly designed and branded.  It should contain many useful features to make the user experience enjoyable.  This builds credibility and trust with your customers, which, ultimately, brings you more revenue.

Step 3.  Create an OTT App

Any high quality OTT service should provide a flawless and seamless user experience. All OTT apps are not the same. Every app has its own structure, features and other technical specifications. You need to select a platform that is best for the streaming videos or services that your viewers are going to access.  Apple or Android? Maybe Samsung, LG or Roku Set-top Box?  Or maybe you would like to consider other options?  AlphaOTT™ offers more than 16 different platforms for your OTT application.

Step 4.  Choose your Marketing Strategy

Determine your target audience and choose marketing strategies that will add value to your front side.  You can:

  • Use social media to promote your video content. Target a large audience through emails.
  • Utilize devices such as trailers or teasers to reach an even wider audience.  
  • On your website, give your target customers the option of joining your newsletter, to keep them informed about your new streaming content and videos.  

With these proven and effective OTT strategies, you can reach large audiences and keep them with you.  Choosing the right business model and marketing strategy is essential to your success.

Step 5.  Analytics: Measuring Results

Once you have decided on your content, website, app and marketing strategy, it’s time to execute and measure your results. You do this by collecting and understanding user data.  Collecting user data from video streaming services is a complicated process, but it is one of the most important parts of your marketing and business plan. 

The data includes how easily and effectively users find, navigate and consume your content, and how they experience the flow of access.  In turn, these results influence effective monetisation and service improvements.

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