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IPTV Apps for all devices

Reach all new users regardless of their favorite device! Whether it is a smartphone, tablet, Smart TV, Set-Top-Box or Computer. Give your users an amazing experience wherever they are, however they prefer.

AlphaOTT Apps

User Friendly Interfaces

The Best Viewing Experience

When we design and craft our apps, we want the end users to enjoy the best and most comfortable viewing experience. Whether from a smartphone, tablet, Smart TV, Set-Top-Box or a computer, your users are going to have an amazing quality application available to them!



On the Go on your Smartphone

Enjoy Live TV, VOD and all our features on the go with your branded dedicated IPTV Player apps. Deliver all your IPTV content anywhere, anytime on any supported Smartphone.

Available for iPhone and Android Smartphones.

Platforms available for smartphones


Watch TV on your Tablet

Your on-the-go branded IPTV Player apps do not stop at Smartphones. Turn any iPad or Android Tablet into a portable TV with our custom AlphaOTT IPTV Player apps and deliver your IPTV content anywhere today.

Available for iPad and Android Tablets.

Platforms available for OTT Player

Web Apps

For your Laptop or Desktop PCs

Every user with a desktop or laptop computer and internet access will be able to enjoy your branded IPTV Web app through their favorite modern Web Browser!

Available for all modern Web Browsers for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Platforms available for OTT Player

Android TV, LG & Samsung Smart TV

Straight to your Smart TV

Support even more users straight on their Smart TVs, with branded OTT Player apps available for modern Smart-TV enabled TVs! Deliver your IPTV content straight to your users’ home TVs!

Available for Android TV Smart TVs, LG Smart TVs and Samsung Smart TVs.

Platforms available for OTT Player

Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV & Custom STB

On the best Set Top Boxes

Set-top-boxes are a staple in TV entertainment and are supported with branded OTT Player apps! Reach new IPTV ecosystems with access to the top Set-top-boxes in the market.

Available for Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV and custom Set-top-boxes.

Platforms available for OTT Player

Android Open-Source Project

Fully customizable Android App

With Android Open-Source Project Apps we can provide a fully customizable solution in order to fit every branding and style, and provide you with the best looking, user friendly experience.

Available for Android Open Source Project compatible devices.

Platforms available for OTT Player


Your Brand’s Experience

We can wrap our Apps with your own styling and branding to provide a seamless experience to your users. Your Brand, your experience straight to your users’ favorite devices.

We feature apps for Smart TVs like LG and Samsung TVs, Custom Set-Top-Boxes or ROKU, iPhone and iPad apps, Android apps for smartphones, tablets and TVs and of course our WebTV Player available to every major browser in every OS.

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