IPTV for Hotels

Give your Hotel, the TV system it deserves with an IPTV/OTT Hotel solution from AlphaOTT. Old and pricey cable or satellite solutions are a thing of the past with the rise of smart TVs, Set-Top-Boxes and fast IPTV Networks, so now is the time to move to a better and affordable solution!

IPTV/OTT Hotel Solution

Why choose IPTV for your Hotel

Give your guests a new TV Experience on your premises. With AlphaOTT’s IPTV/OTT Hotel TV Solution, you can offer Live streaming TV Channels, Timeshifted TV Channels, Movies, Video On Demand and even your own custom content! Whether you own small rental apartments up to a whole hotel chain, our Hotel IPTV/OTT Solution is a must-have to provide the best TV entertainment options to your guests.

Utilizing your existing equipment of TVs and your existing internet connection, your costs of maintaining your IPTV Network and TV Multimedia Entertainment are kept low, without the need for huge setup fees and new equipment as per the old Hotel TV solutions (e.g. Cable, Satellite).

OTT Hotel Guide

Hotel IPTV Benefits

The best value-for-money Hotel TV System in the market offers many opportunities. Check them below.

  • VOD

    Manage your Content

    Choose and manage all the content available to your guests. Live TV, Radio, Video-On-Demand movies and more.

  • Branding

    Your Hotel’s brand experience

    Our solution is customized to fit your brand. You can also deliver your own content, advertisements and more.

  • Money

    Low Cost

    Our Software-as-a-Service Hotel IPTV Solution is the best and lowest cost and value-for-money solution.

Why work with us

Work with AlphaOTT

Our team of experts can help you setup your dream IPTV Middleware and OTT System without any hassle. We offer assistance and support in every step of the setup, configuration and launch proccess and also provide training to your administration team. We offer you a complete IPTV solution.

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