IPTV/OTT for Residencies

AlphaOTT IPTV Solutions for residencies such as Apartments complex, villas and other communities.

Give your tenants the interactive IPTV/OTT system they deserve with a Residential IPTV/OTT solution from AlphaOTT. Give access to Live TV Channels and Video On Demand content.


Why choose AlphaOTT for your Residential IPTV/OTT

Whether you own small building complex, whole building community entity or a private estate our Residential IPTV/OTT Solution offer you the latest inovation in IPTV/OTT.

Residential IPTV/OTT Benefits

The best value-for-money Residential IPTV/OTT System in the market offers many opportunities. Check them below.

  • Cloud or On Premises Installation

    Choose the option that fits your needs best.

  • Live TV

    Your guests can enjoy HD and UHD channels in their room.

  • VOD

    Video on Demand available for your guests in their room.

  • Residential TV

    Broadcast your channel to your guests in every room.

  • Residential Info

    Publish residential information, photos, event and more.

  • Set-Top Box

    Connect your guest rooms with the latest Set-Top-Box from AlphaOTT.

  • Smart TV

    Connect your guest rooms with Samsung, LG, TLC or other SmartTV.

  • Applications

    Connect your residencies with iOS or Android Mobile application from AlphaOTT.