Set Top Boxes

Provide full-featured custom STBs to your users

Custom Hardware

Modern Hi-Tech STBs

Our end-to-end solutions, could not be complete without custom Set-Top-Box production included. We make sure to include top-of-the-market technologies both hardware and software wise, to provide the best user experience to your customers.

Let’s design your own Set-Top-Box, with blazing-fast hardware parts, high-quality outputs and custom shell casing design with your branding. Paired with our user-friendly interface your STB will be unstoppable.

Available features include:

HDMI, Wi-Fi, FullHD, 4K, DTS, Dolby

and many more!


Android Open-Source Project Set-Top-Boxes

We want your clients to experience your brand and content as a whole, so we made all our Android Open-Source Project Apps customizable in order to fit every branding and style, and provide you with the best looking, user friendly experience.

Complete your IPTV/OTT Network and line-up with your own AOSP Set-Top-Box today. Your Brand, your Set-Top-Box, your content!

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AndroidTV Set-Top-Boxes

We can develop your AndroidTV Project with you and Google. The benefits are many and we can integrate our AlphaOTT IPTV Middleware V2 with the AndroidTV Launcher and take advantage of all AndroidTV’ UI functions.

This solution is recommended for big operators that want to integrate our AlphaOTT IPTV Middleware V2 with the AndroidTV environment and features.
All AndroidTV projects need preapproval from Google.

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