Set Top Boxes

Provide full-featured custom STBs to your users

Custom Hardware

Modern Hi-Tech STBs

Our end-to-end solutions, could not be complete without custom Set-Top-Box production included. We make sure to include top-of-the-market technologies both hardware and software wise, to provide the best user experience to your customers.

Let’s design your own Set-Top-Box, with blazing-fast hardware parts, high-quality outputs and custom shell casing design with your branding. Paired with our user-friendly interface your STB will be unstoppable.

Available features include:

HDMI, Wi-Fi, FullHD, 4K, DTS, Dolby

and many more!

Brandable Experience

Set-Top-Boxes with your Branding

We want your clients to experience your brand and content as a whole, so we made all our Apps customizable in order to fit every branding and style, and provide you with the best looking, user friendly experience.

Complete your IPTV/OTT Network and line-up with your own Set-Top-Box today. Your Brand, your Set-Top-Box, your content!

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