What Are The Benefits Of OTP?
One-Time-Password for OTT / IPTV platforms

What Are The Benefits Of OTP?

Recently, we were talking about security and how it is essential now. Any OTT/IPTV service should care about the personal data of their customers. And, of course, the company should ensure safety at every step, beginning with the signup and login. So, the OTP feature solves this task well. Let’s figure it out.

What is OTP?

A one-time password (OTP) is a unique password that is generated for a user automatically and can be used only for a single login or transaction. So, the most important words here are “unique” and “single”. It’s impossible to reuse that ensures safety for both parties: the service provider and the customer. One-Time-Passwords are an easy and reliable form of 2FA and are used to add a second layer of authentication.

What are the benefits of OTP?

OTP allows you to do at least two tasks simultaneously. The first one is the user’s verification. Why do we need to verify identity? It helps to understand the user is real and reduces fraud. Also, don’t forget about analytics. Most businesses are run on metrics, so the more accurate information, the more accurate analytics, and, as an outcome, the more accurate results.

The second task that OTP can solve is a shorter customer journey. The fact is that it is so typical for users to forget their passwords. If the user does it, there is always a risk that he won’t come back. According to the research:

“…in the last two and a half years all around the United States and Canada, the statistics show that internet users have been absolutely careless in managing their passwords; both in personal life and at work. Diving deep into the study, 78% of the 500 respondents accepted that they had to reset the passwords for one personal account in the last 90 days of their calendars .”

So, OTP login is not about security only. Remember about the customer journey. Your goal is to make it as short as you can to increase your customers’ retention rate. If your signup form or login takes too long, it won’t happen.

There are several different methods of authentification that can be delivered to end-users. QR codes, soft tokens, etc, but the most popular nowadays are OTPs via email and SMS. “Ease of use” is the main rule if you want to improve your user experience. AlphaOTT™ can offer many ways of authentication and is ready to help you by choosing the most modern and effective way for your platform and users. 

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